WordPress Widgets Explained

What are wordpress widgets , as a beginner you must have come across lot of times something about wordpress widgets and you might have wondered what they are. In this Post we will explain wordpress widgets in detail.

WordPress widgets is the way to display the text/html output of plugin on the screen in a specialised area called widget area or it can be defined as follows: wordpress widget is the way we can give some space on the screen to some special functionality that is being operated by some plugin or wordpress itself, so you can arrange lot of widgets in a widget area, which could be on your sidebar(the vertical area in your site that gets repeated in all the pages, usually comes in 1) left hand side 2) right hand side 3) both sides of the page. The presence of widget area in your site depends upon the theme that you are using. Some themes as stated above, have widget sidebars, footers. The themes that have widget areas on the sidebar and footer, usually repeat the same set of widgets that are saved for the sidebar, footer. What that means is that when you have placed for example widget 1, widget 2 in sidebar, and widget A and b in footer, on which ever page the sidebar and footer are enabled you will see widget 1, 2 in sidebar and widget A, B in footer. But there are other themes that allow whole pages to be constructed using widgets. These are the themes which have themebuilders enabled on them. There are free theme builders plugins as well that you can use on your wordpress website. Widget Areas that are present on sidebar and footer are managed through Appearance->widgets wordpress-widgetsafter you have clicked the widgets under appearance you will see the following screenwidget-areaI am seeing this screen as i have shown in the screenshot because my theme is supporting three widget areas, 1) sidebar 2) Content Bottom 1 3) Content Bottom 2. For Your convenience i have highlighted the available widgets with green box and all the widget areas with red box. Please look carefully and see the sidebar widget area and you will see that is has following widgets already there: form maker, recent comments, archives, categories, archives, meta. and the Content Bottom 1 and Content Bottom 2 doesn’t have any widgets, Let me first show you how to add widgets to widget area.

To add a widget to the widget area take your mouse pointer on any of the widget on the left side and click on the widget that you want to add and keep holding the left mouse button drag the widget over to the widget area and you will see that widget area responds by highlighting space with dotted line where it will place the widget and when you will leave the left mouse button the widget will be dropped in the widget area. Let me show you with screenshotsdragging-widgetIn the above screenshot you can see i am dragging the calender widget, but due to limitation of the screenshot my mouse pointer is not visible. now i will take it over the Content Botom 1  and you will see a dotted line would appear showing that i can drop the widget here or you can say its telling me if i drop the widget it will be settled here.how-to-use-widget-areaand once its is placed in the widget area, you can see it will show all its options like the following screen, so that i can configure it.saving-widget-area-wordpressnow in the case of calender it is just giving me the option of title, I would put in the title Calender Test, and click on save so that the widget is saved in the widget area. Now what i am going to do is; delete all the widgets in the widget area sidebar and leave just one and place some widget in Content Bottom 2 so as to test every widget area in one go. Now let me show you how to delete to delete a widget, you need to expand the widget as you can see in the sidebar widget area there are so many widgets but none of the configuration options are visible, to view the configuration options of the widget so as to delete it you need to the click the arrow at the end of the widget that is pointing downwardsdelete-widgets-wordpress

after you have clicked the arrow it will show you the complete config parameters and there would be delete link delete-widgets-from-sidebar-wordpresslike on the above screen shot click on delete and repeat with all the widgets that you want to delete. In my case after deleting all the widgets and placing one in each widget area my widgets section look like thiswidgets-wordpressYou can see that i have given titles to each of my widget which will be displayed just over the widget functionality, now lets open a web page of the wordpress website and see the position of all the widgets and how they look.widgets-for-wordpressThis is a very basic theme that i am using and there is no content in the page just demo text, so that you are able to see the location of all the widgets in action. so content bottom 1 is left side of footer and content bottom 2 is right side of footer just below the content of the page About Us  and the sidebar in this case is on the right hand side. And you can also see the that the titles i have given to each widget are also being displayed.

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