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In this Article we will completely go through the page content type in wordpress and what is its purpose as a content type in wordpresswordpress_page

If you haven’t installed wordpress or don’t have a domain or web hosting this article is not for you please refer to the following articles

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  2. Install wordpress
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lets login into wordpress and go to pages on the left hand side vertical menu and you will see that there are two items in that

  1. All Pages  2. Add New

So what is a page, Page is a content type which is displayed directly as a menu item inside wordpress so if you want to create articles that are like, Home, About Us, Products, Services, Contact Us You will have to create pages for each one of them, You can also create a page for each product and put it under the products in a drop down as list, Like Product one, product two, product three.

In Every page you can put in content in the form of Text, internal/external links, symbols, Images, Image Galleries, Videos, there is a text editor provided with which you can do basic text formatting. when you click on the add new option under the pages menu item you will see the following text editor rich_text_editor_wordpressNow in this text editor there are two modes, 1) visual 2) Text. Currently you are looking at the Visual mode, In the visual mode of the text editor, you can use all the small icons just above the text box of the text editor to format the text, stuff like, bold, italic, ordered list, unordered list, text alignment, give headings, change the text color, justify text, you can say all the functions of a standard simple text editor. when you edit the text using the visual text editor, all the formatting you do is converted into HTML so that it will look the same when somebody opens the page, lets type in some thing and make it bold. look at the coming screenshottext_formating_inside_visual_text_editorNow to do the formatting what you need to do is just highlight the text and click the formatting icon that you want to implement and it will get implemented. now lets look what is text mode, when you will click the text mode you can see the same text but in code, so that you manually do the coding if you want to in order to format text, you can use HTML tags to format the text easily in text mode, here is the screen shot of the text modehtml_text_formating_editor

As you can see in this mode, you can see the tags that are implementing the bold, heading and text color are clearly seen, the formatting buttons have disappeared in this editor and new tag buttons are there, which you can use to put in HTML tags, ofcourse if you know html, but one thing that was there in the visual editor mode is also here that is the option to add the media as Add Media button.

In Both cases Add Media will do the same thing ie, allow you to add images, pdf, gallery, but the items that would appear in the editor window will be different, like in case of the using the visual editor, you will see the real image, but in case of the text editor you will see the HTML tags lets see how to add an image in the page. when you will click on the add media button you will see the following window.

upload_media_wordpress_screenNow in the above screen click on select files  button and you can browse for the file that you want to upload to the page, once the file is uploaded like in my case i have uploaded a bouquet of flowers picture you will see the following screen insert_picture_into_wordpress_pageAs in the picture above you can see the image uploaded has a tick on it and on the right hand side of the upload popup it is showing information associated with the file, like the title of the file, which has been picked up from the file name and the alignment in which you would like to place this file in text for example if i want the image to be placed to the left hand side of the text, then i will select the left alignment in the alignment dropdown menu, and then it also gives the option of selecting the size of the image that you want to insert, after picking up the size right for you, you can click on insert into page to insert the image into the page, the image will appear just at the location where the curson was blinking when you clicked on the add media option, here is a look of my visual editor editor after inserting the pictureinsert_picture_into_wordpress_page_with_left_alignmentIf i click on the text mode of the editor it will show the following html_mode_of_add_mediaAs i discussed earlier it will show the img tag in html representing the image as well other tags and attributes. Now lets switch back to the visual mode and discuss other aspects of the Page content type, as you can see in the above window there is a field above the editor which says Enter title here, this is the field which represents the name that we want to give to this page, for example if we put in About Us as the title, after publishing this page will only open when somebody with click on the about Us link. in the menu and along with that the About Us text will automatically be inserted over the article in heading tags. Ok now lets enter the title and Publish the page, and see how it looks, to check how your page looks, you can click on the preview button the right top side here is the screenshot of how your page lookspreview_page_about_usNow this is how your page will look to people visiting about us on your website, you must have noticed that on the right hand side there is a long vertical bar, this vertical bar is called sidebar, there are some themes in wordpress in which you can disable the vertical sidebar on the edit page of the article, while in some themes it has to be disabled through the themes menu in appearance if that theme allows it and in some themes there is no option to remove the sidebar and it appears on all the pages, since the content of the side bar is same on all the pages you have to configure what appears on the sidebar. Lets see if there is an option to disable the sidebar in the page editor in this theme. this is the same screen shot but with highlighted areano_template_for_hiding_sidebar

If this theme allowed a template to hide the sidebar then the option to do so will have been present on the right hand side, but since it is not there that means it is not present in this theme. This almost completes the page content type. We will soon cover the post content type.

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