How to Setup Social Share Buttons for wordpress

Making a Website is All about getting traffic and one of the most important source to get traffic to your website is social sharing of your content at social share websites. And if you place social share buttons for wordpress on your posts and pages it makes sharing your content easier so that people are easily able to share by just clicking on the social share buttons. Social Share Buttons can be Floating or Fixed 

Putting up of Social Share Buttons for wordpress Above and Below your posts is just Installation of the right wordpress pluginsocial share buttons for wordpress

After you install and Activate the above plugin, A new item will be added in the settings menu where you can edit the settings for this plugin. The Link will be called Add to Any. here is the screen shotwordpress-social-share-buttonsClick on it and you will be taken to the following screen. social share buttonsThis plugin gives you the option of adding more social share buttons, you can click on the add Add/Remove Services Button and add more social share buttons to the Posts/Pages. It is recommended that you directly show button of only the mostly Used social sites, all others are still available as Plus sign is visible at the end of the social share buttons which show the users all the social sites available.

Another Good thing about this Plugin is you can disable the above and below post display of buttons and directly go for the floating display of social share buttons if you like. In order to disable the Display of Social Icons above and Below the post you have to just unmark the tick next to certain options on the above screenshot.  Though you can display both Above and Below as well as floating, but that according to me will look a little overdo. Here is the screenshot of the floating settings screen. floating social share buttons wordpress

As you can see the options for the Floating Social Buttons for wordpress there are options for making the floating buttons orientation change when the resolution of the screen drops below a certain width. You can also adjust the position of the floating Social Button bar using minutely mentioning the amount of pixels from left right, bottom. Let me show you how the buttons look when placed on above and below content.

social share buttons above below contentNow in the above screen shot the content of the post is limited to few lines thats why the both set of buttons are so close vertically otherwise if there is lot of content then there would be lot of vertical gap between both sets of buttons. You can according to your choice also choose to display the buttons just at the top or just at the bottom. Here is another Screen shot of floating buttons in normal desktop resolution floating social buttons on website

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