Quick Way to Implement Better way of navigation for Reading Posts

When you are done reading through a post. To go to the next post you always have to go the posts listings and then you click on the topic of the next posts you want to read. So much work, how about some easier solution to go through the posts one by one. Like putting two floating Previous and Next arrows on left and right side of the screen. 

You will just need to install one plugin and do very little amount of settings and your arrows are placed and ready to work. Well thats the magic of wordpress.

In older days you would have been required to write the code of everything. So lets come down to the real thing. The name of the plugin is CBX Next Previous Link . previous-next-buttonhere is link about how to install a plugin on wordpress After you have installed the plugin you will have a menu item under settings called as Next Previous Options in the vertical menu on the dashboard. previous-next-settings

Click on the option and you will be taken to the configuration screen, from this screen the main thing you should look into are

  • color of the arrow that you want to displaycolor-change-setting
  • which pages to display the arrows: posts, pagesput-next-previous-button-postclick in the field and you will see one more option, if you want to just keep the arrows on post click on x next to pages and if you want to see other option possible, click in the blank space next to the posts, pages above and you will see the following.next-previous-on-mediaafter you have saved the settings you will see the following arrows, when you open a post or page. This also works on mobile screen. Here is a screenshot when opened in mobile.demo-working-next-previousNow you can click left or right arrow to browse between posts

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