How to Edit Your WordPress files without cpanel or ftp

Lot of times we are faced with the situation where we want to edit wordpress files, some files can be edited through Appearance Menu edit option or Plugin menu edit option. But there has been times when you are not able to edit some files like some wordpress core files that you want to edit as they are not available in the plugin/appearance edit options. What can we do then as we only have access to the wordpress password.

There is this plugin called as wpide, which provides you with a very simple Integrated Development Environment inside the wordpress dashboard. integrated-development-environment-wordpress

After You Install this plugin a new menu item will appear at the end of the the vertical wordpress menu on the dashboard. When you click on the wpide link you will see the following screen ide wordpress

you can browse through the folders listed at the right hand side, click on a file to open in the editor on the left. It allows you to open multiple files in tabbed way on the editor and after editing you can save the changes using the save file button on the right bottom of the editor. here is a screenshot with files opened in tabbed view.wordpress ideYou can also see in the screenshot above there is a screen portion highlighted by oval circle, you can click on the image above to zoom and see in the highlighted portion that this editor also gives you the option to create your own folders and files. So basically this makes the task of developing your own plugin and theme easier without even requiring you to install any software on your PC for editing. Lets you work through your mobile or tablet device. If you have made some change in some file and forgot to save it, it even notifies you that there is unsaved data present in the file, by giving text warning at the bottom of the editor window.advanced-wordpress-ideAlso there is option to do search and replace in the wordpress ide for this  to appear click inside the editor and press ctrl  F simultaneously and the above highlighted search box will open. You can even right click on the folders and files on the right hand side to have more option at file management and editing. And line numbers are also shown in this IDE or file manage, which is of great importance when you are getting an error and it says that error is at this particular line number.

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