How to Upload theme to wordpress

Install non repository theme into your wordpress website by uploading

Lot of times you have searched for a theme inside the wordpress theme search according to the features you are looking for.

But have to ultimately buy a theme from somewhere or download it from some other site and since it was unavailable in repository.

This is the way you will install that type of theme.Upload_theme_to_wordpress

Let start 

How to look for free wordpress theme on internet

First lets look for a theme to upload.

lets go to google and look for a theme i would suggest the keyword Free WordPress Themes current year(which while writing was 2018). This keyword would led to many sites that have compiled a list of free wordress themes.

On the website that lists free themes it would be showing thumbnails of the themes. There would be little description about the theme and then there would be links that say live demo or demo. Then there would be link to download the theme.

How to check if theme is working

Click on the live demo to see the theme in action. Usually when you will click on the demos, the theme will open in a new tab/window of browser.

If it doesn’t right click on the live demo and click open in a new tab. So that the listing of your free wordpress themes remains as such and you are able to see all the demo sites.

I have identified the theme i want to install by looking at the demos. Here is the screenshot of that theme.Upload_theme_to_wordpress_1After you have checked the working demo of the theme and you want to install.

Steps to download the theme

You can click on the download button to download that theme on the same page if it is there. Or if it is not present then go back to the free theme list page and click on the download option there. Then you will get diverted to the page where the download button is located.

Now when you click on the download the theme, it prompts you to enter an email id or review the license terms of the theme.

Please go through the terms and conditions for the theme use as it may effect if you would be able to use the theme or not.

Once you have the theme downloaded, it will be usually downloaded in the downloads folder on windows.

Steps Required to go to the upload theme screen in wordpress dashboard

The name of the file that you have downloaded will be something like where xxx represents the version number of the theme.

Now to upload the theme, go to the Appearance section on the left vertical menu, and you will see a drop down that will have many items. Click on the option that says themes.Upload_theme_to_wordpress_2

Now you will see the following screen in this screen click on the add new button at the top.Upload_theme_to_wordpress_3

On clicking on the add new you will see the following screen in this screen click on the option that says upload theme.


Now you will see the following screen click on the choose file button and select the zip file of the theme to upload.

If its a premium theme that you have downloaded then you should first unzip the zip folder and first check the documentation of the theme as usually in case of premium themes i have seen that the zip file we download is not the one that needs to be uploaded.

The theme zip is located further in the zip that we have downloaded for premium theme. So incase of the premium theme we have to unzip the zip file that we have downloaded to find the zip file that we need to upload.

How to upload theme to wordpress by using the browse button


After selecting the like in the below screen click on install now button. Then you will see the status of the upload at the bottom left hand side of the chrome browser window.


If everything worked fine you will see the following message.


Now your theme is installed on wordpress and you can either directly click on activate to activate this theme.

Or you can use the return to themes page to see all the themes installed and activate the theme from there.

i choose to click on return to themes page and here is what i seeUpload_theme_to_wordpress_8

That means my theme is installed and i can activate by clicking on it and then clicking the activate button.

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