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So many Times we come across this issue where we need to Resize Image that we have due some or the other reasons, either we need to resize the picture due to the reason that it is too large to share to somebody or we need to resize image in order for us to be able to place the image on our website so that our web page loads faster. Some times we as well need to crop and resize image at the same time as we require image of precise size or aspect ratio.resize image

We will use a program which is freely available on the internet to be downloaded and which you can use to resize image as well as do all the stuff that are possible in image editing, but this blog post will be limited to just how to resize image.

The Progarm is called as Gimp. GNU image manipulation program. You can download it at After you have installed gimp. Click on the file menu and open the file that you want to resize. Once the file is open go to the image menu and click on scale image, you will see the following screenresize pictureIn the above screen you can see the width and height shows the current width and height of the image, if you want to keep the proportion ie. width to height ratio of the image then you simple change one like either the width or the height and the other parameter will change automatically keeping in the proportion. But if you want an image that is exactly xx width and yy height, then what you need to do is, Click on the vertical chain icon right next after the numeric value and now you can individually type in the value of both width and height that you want for the image.

resize image in gimpand then when you click on scale image the image will take on the size of the parameters. But keep in mind you can disturb the proprtion just to some extent. For example if the height to width is 1:2 or 500px(height) and 1000px width, that means you can disturb proprtion upto something like 500px(height) 900px(width). Disturbing the proportion of the picture to large extent will make the image unusable. Another way to bringing the picture near to proportion is to use the crop tool.

crop image in gmp

Crop Tool is located on the tool bar and its function is to cut the selected image out of the full image. To crop an image in gimp you need to hold the left mouse button and select the area that you want to keep in the cropped image and then once you are satisfied with it just, unhold the left mouse button. Now you will see the area that you have selected to be cropped. If you want to reselect the area press ESC key at the left top of keyboard.gimp cropNow press enter button and you will just see the area that you selected in the gimp image editor, you can now again resize the image to your dimensions that you want as by cropping you have brought the picture to proportions. After you have scaled the image you can just go to file->export as -> Now you will see a small box to save the file, in this file give the name of file like something.jpg and select the folder where you want to place the file. and just above the export button at the right bottom. There would be a drop down where you can select the file type as jpg if you are saving the picture for web. Then click on export and another small box will open, it will ask you for the quality of jpg let the quality be 90 and click on export in this small box and then picture will be saved to your computer ready to be used.

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