how to install wordpress theme

Install wordpress theme using Inbuilt wordpress search

In This Tutorial we will cover how to install wordpress theme on our plain wordpress install, we will cover inbuilt install through How to install wordpress theme 

How to install wordpress theme:

lets open our wordpress login page by opening, you will see the following pageupload_theme_to_wordpressPut in the username and password to login and you will see the following pageupload_wordpress_themeThis is called as wordpress dashboard this is the place from where you can manage the entire installation of wordpress, now to add a theme to your wordpress installation go to appearance on the left vertical column and click on themes, now you will see the following screen.uploading_themes_to_wordpressclick on the add new button on the top of image preview thumbnails and you will see the following screenupload_a_theme_to_wordpressAs you can see in the above picture it shows some themes thumbnails here and above these themes thumbnails you can see a white colored bar that has links: featured, popular, latest, favourites, feature filter, these are the options that you can use to search for themes that are available at, if you want to see a theme in full screen you should take your mouse pointer over that particular thumbnail and it gives you the option by showing two buttons install and preview like in the screen above you can see i have my mouse pointer over the top right theme and it showing the two options. Click on the preview button and it will show you the preview, but there are very few themes which show the real preview like the one in thumbnail, you have to configure the theme after install to check if the theme is working here as it shows in thumbnail. like when i clicked in the above selected theme for preview it showed me the following screenupload_a_wordpress_themeNow in the above image you can see the preview on the right hand side and on the left hand side you can see the thumbnail and description about the theme,

How To Preview Different size versions of Theme

I have also highlighted two places, one is the install button and other is the option at bottom which has a collapse button and the buttons to see the three versions of the current theme, 1st is desktop version, 2nd is tablet version and third is smartphone version so that you can see how your website looks with this theme in each case. The collapse button collapses the left vertical side so that you can see the theme preview in complete screen. following are the screenshots of tablet and smartphone previews.upload_template_to_wordpress

upload_theme_to_wordpressAs you can see there is a very big difference between the tablet/laptop view and smartphone view, the width of the website has changed and and big difference is in the display of the menu, in the tablet and laptop/desktop version the menu was in horizontal way, but in smartphone version it has been reduced to a button, which will expand vertically into a meny when clicked on it. You can use the < > buttons on the top left corner of the screen to scroll between different themes. Checking the various versions of the wordpress theme before installation is the most important step of How to install wordpress theme. Now lets go back by clicking on the X on the top left .

How to serach for Ideal theme using feature filter

let me show you how to search for a theme using the in built search, you will be at the same screen upload_a_theme_to_wordpressNow here click on the feature filter on the top white colored bar and you will see the following screenupload_theme_wordpressNow in this screen select the option that you want in the ideal theme that you want to find from the repository and then click on apply filter, like for example i am just looking for themes that are responsive and have two column layout so i marked the checkbox corresponding to that and then clicked in apply filter and get the following page now i can scroll down to find the ideal theme thumbnail that i like and then click on preview have a look at all the versions Desktop, tablet, smartphone upload_wordpress_theme

Now after looking around a little, i like the following theme as in this case the preview is also working which means we are more sure that all the capabilities of the theme are workingupload_wordpress_themesNow on the left bottom you see the blue button this is the one that allows you to collapse and decollapse the left vertical pane, now to install this i will decollapse the vertcial panel and use the install button there to install this themeuploading_a_theme_to_wordpressAfter you click the install button, the button will change to installing and after that it will change to activate, when you will click on activate you will be returned to the theme list

Dependency of WordPress themes on Plugins

Now some themes require some plugins(it is a software add on to wordpress inbuilt functions) in which the theme is dependent on upto the time the plugins are not installed the theme doesn’t work properly this things is true in this case so as you can see in the following screen this theme is requesting for some plugins and we will install those plugins by clicking on the link provided in the theme.uploading_wordpress_themeClick on the link that says begin installing plugins and you will see the following screen where all the required plugins are listedwordpress_theme_uploadOn this screen you need to mark all the plugins from the dropdown select install and click on apply and you will see the following screenwordpress_upload_themeThis means that the plugins have been installed, but since this screen on shows that plugin have been installed no word about it has been activated we need to make sure the plugins have been activated, for that we will go to the plugins item at the vertical menu and the there will be menu that will popup and have following options: 1) installed plugins 2) add new 3) editor click on the installed plugin and you will see the following screenupload_a_theme_to_wordpress_1Now this page in our case is showing that the plugins are installed but not activated, so we need to activate the plugins to do that we can check the box next to the plugins that we just installed for the theme and then in the bulk actions menu select activate and then click on the checkbox that says apply which activate multiple plugins in one go. Now all the necessary plugins have been activated now lets see how our websites main page looks it used to look like this when we started

upload_a_wordpress_theme_1Open the main page of the website by typing in the url of your wordpress install it will be and you will see the newly installed theme like in our case we sawupload_theme_to_wordpress_1This completes our post about How to install wordpress theme. Asyou can see a theme can change the total look of the website, now we need to replace the default content that is present in this theme with our own content, by content i mean pictures, text etc

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