How to add wordpress profile picture

In this post we will show how you can apply a picture to the author name, so that it appears next to the author name next to the post, one way to put an image next to the author name is use the gravatar option in the edit user option in users. for that you need to signup at the gravatar website and put up your picture there,

but the way we are going to do is the one in which we will putting up the photo using a wordpress plugin called Custom User Profile Photo, so go to the plugins on the left vertical menu and click on add newwordpress_profile_picture

Now you will see the screen where all th efeatured plugins will be listed and there would be an option to search for the plugin you are looking for, basically we are looking for a plugin for changing the user profile picture, wordpress_author_imageAfter typing in the plugin name ie. Custom User Profile Photo press enter and it will display the following screen showing the plugin that will help us change the wordpress profile picturewordpress_user_profile_pluginclick in the install now button on the first plugin and you will see the following screen in this screen click on the activate plugin optionwordpress_profile_pluginafter the plugin is activated it will show you all the installed plugin on wordpress, now go to users on the left hand side on the vertical menu and click on all userschange_profile_picture_wordpressnow you will see the following screen, in our demo install only one user is present but if you have lot of users you will see lot of users listed here, now hover your mouse pointer over the username of the user to which you want to add the profile picture, and you will see an edit link appear click on this linkwordpress_profile_image

Now in the edit profile page that opens scroll to the bottom and you will see the following option to upload a new profile picture upload_new_profile_picture_wordpressClick on upload new image and you will see the media upload screen where you can either upload a new picture or select an image from existing uploaded images since i have selected one from existing uploaded pictures after u select it this page will look like thiswordpress_profile_picture_newNow click on update profile and you are done, now if your theme supports display of the picture beside the name of author on names you can just open any post and you will see the default image replaced by new imagewordpress_user_photoNow as you can see in the above image the author name Myname has a photo as profile picture that we have just uploaded.



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