How to add tables in wordpress posts and pages without knowing any HTML or CSS

WordPress has an inbuilt wordpress editor for effective content presentation but whenever there is a need to add a table, most of the people in wordpress have to either use HTML or CSS to create a table, but if you don’t have knowledge of HTML or CSS then what. Here is the solution.

There is a very good plugin called as tablepress which allows for creation and managing tables very easy. create-table-in-wordpressSearch the plugin in the repository and install it. After you have installed the plugin, you will see menu item by the name of tablepress added to the wordpress vertical menu. Click on it and you will see the following menu add-table-to-page

Click on the option that says add new table and you will see the below screen. add-table-wordpress-no-html-requiredIn the Above screen Provide the name of table that you want to create, like in our case we have typed Employee List and then you can give description to the table, and after that in order to add table to wordpress you will need to set the total number of rows that the table will have and the number of columns the table will have. After the fields have been input click on add table blue button and you will see the following screen.

create-table-wordpress-no-coding-requiredIn the above screen fill in the fields as values in the table and click on save to save the table. You can also use the shortcode in the top right corner of the above screenshot, to make the table appear in any page/post you like. You can also scroll the screen a little down and see that tablepress even gives you further options to customize the table even more. Here is a screenshot of the other options that tablepress gives on each table to configure it even better.add-table-to-page-posts-in-worpdress

After you have saved the table, you can either paste shortcode of the table into the post/page where you would like to make the table appear or you can just edit the post/page and then use the icon in the rich text editor to insert a table in the text. like in the following image.insert-table-into-page

As you can see in the above screenshot, the highlighted icon represents the icon on which when you will click will give you a popup in which you can click on the button next to the table you want to insert shortcode of and the short code will appear at the place your cursor was blinking now lets update this page or click on preview the page to view how our table looks.create-good-looking-table-wordpress



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