Super Charge Your Inbuilt WordPress Text Editor

Its Been so many times that you were working in your usual wordpress Visual Editor and you think that its been so many years and even now there is no option in wordpress editor to specify the font of the TEXT that i am typing increase the size of the font to certain size. I also don’t know why this is the case, but there is a solution to this issue, you must have guessed its a plugin 

The Plugin Name is TinyMCE Advanced You can search for this plugin to install it in the wordpress add plugin option here is a helpful link about how to install a wordpress plugin . Here is the screenshot of the wordpress plugin i am talking of.improved wordpress editor

Now before you install the plugin the full editor of wordpress looked like this.wordpress visual text editor

Now see the effect of this plugin, after it is installed and activated.wordpress editor with tiny mce plugin

Now as you can see above in the screenshot above that this editor now has both font type and font size.

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