How to check which plugins are slowing down your wordpress website

You have created a beautiful wordpress website and in order to provide good amount of functionality in your wordpress website, you have to install lot of wordpress plugins. As you know to enchance functionality of your wordpress website you need to install wordpress plugins as wordpress itself only provide basic content management. And now after the website is ready you find out that it is little slower then when, you just installed wordpress. It seems to you that the main issue which is slowing it down is the installing lot of plugins.

As Each and Every Plugin comes with its own set of scripts that need to be run in order for them to render the functionality that plugin is made for. Which makes the running the plugin consume CPU resources in Server the site is being hosted at. Now how would you find which Plugin is using more resources then the other so that you could replace the high resource plugin with some low resource using plugin. Here is a plugin which just finds out that.plugin-performance-profilerAfter You Have Installed the Plugin Performance Profiler a new link by the name of P3 Plugin profiler will appear in the tools option on the left site vertical menu.

tool-p3-plugin-profilerclick on the link P3 Plugin Profler link and you will see the following screen that will allow you to run scan on your wordpress site to check which plugin on your wordpress website is consuming the most resourcesrun-performance-scan-on-wordpress-website

On the above screen click on the start scan button and following box will popup over your dashboard which will show you your website in the background in my case which is a demo website and also show you a small box over your website which will allow you to, either click on auto scan or manual scan and also gives you the option to give a name to the scan being

Once you click on the auto scan the scan will start and will refresh your website many times in the background while also showing you the progress bar like in the following screenshotplugin-performance-scan-in-progressOnce the scan has successfully completed you will see the following screenplugin-performance-scan-complete

On this screen click on the button that says view results and you will be returned to the plugin performance profiler dashboard page which will refresh and show you the results like in the following screen

results-plugin-performance-profilerAs you can see it has made a pi chart which is clearly showing color which plugin us using most resources, in my case its the E-commerce plugin.

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