How to add Jquery based Accordion slides to WordPress

You must have seen stacks of Animated slides, which open and close as you click on one edge of the slide or when you click on the title of the slide which of course is visible from one edge of the slide. These Set of slides are called as Accordion slides, name which has been given based upon the Accordion Musical instrument, which also opens and close and produces music. 

How to add a Good looking timeline page to wordpress

Sometimes You have wanted to display a series of events or story in form of a vertical display with dates mentioned in front of each event or story piece. This type of display is called as time line display to achieve this you would need to install the plugin called as

How to add wordpress responsive menu in 10 minutes

Lot of times you didn’t liked the menu being provided by the theme that you have installed for your wordpress website. And Have struggled for a solution that you can use to create your own wordpress responsive menu which could replace the existing wordpress menu and a menu which is also compatible with the mobile phone and smartphones. 

Quick Way to Implement Better way of navigation for Reading Posts

When you are done reading through a post. To go to the next post you always have to go the posts listings and then you click on the topic of the next posts you want to read. So much work, how about some easier solution to go through the posts one by one. Like putting two floating Previous and Next arrows on left and right side of the screen. 

Quick Way to Enable Subscribe to Comments in WordPress

You want that people should be effectively be able to use the commenting system on your blog post as a conversation tool. Which makes it very important that they get an email when their is some new comment posted on the comment system. There is a very basic plugin which just enabled this functionality by just installing and activating the subscribe to comment plugin. Good thing is it lets you subscribe to the comments posted even if you haven’t posted any comment.

Protect Your Displayed Email id from getting Spammed

For Easy Communication we Display our email id on Our Websites so that people can just click on them and then their email software opens and they are able to send email, this approach works because most of the people are now days using Mobiles where mostly the email is configured on their email software. But displaying the email on your website make it vulnerable to be collected by bots(automated programs that scan websites for emails). The emails collected this way are then used by the spammers to send spam to your email id. And legitimate email becomes a needle that you need to look in the hay of spam. So what can you do.

How to Setup Social Share Buttons for wordpress

Making a Website is All about getting traffic and one of the most important source to get traffic to your website is social sharing of your content at social share websites. And if you place social share buttons for wordpress on your posts and pages it makes sharing your content easier so that people are easily able to share by just clicking on the social share buttons. Social Share Buttons can be Floating or Fixed 

How to customize your page using layout builder

Lot of times when we are creating or editing a content inside editor like a page or a post, we are faced with the challenge of effectively displaying wordpress content, there are places where the wordpress inbuilt editor lags. The main thing is to present the content in such a way that  it is easily editable without using HTML/CSS code and be responsive while displaying in multiple devices.

How to Edit Your WordPress files without cpanel or ftp

Lot of times we are faced with the situation where we want to edit wordpress files, some files can be edited through Appearance Menu edit option or Plugin menu edit option. But there has been times when you are not able to edit some files like some wordpress core files that you want to edit as they are not available in the plugin/appearance edit options. What can we do then as we only have access to the wordpress password.

How to add tables in wordpress posts and pages without knowing any HTML or CSS

WordPress has an inbuilt wordpress editor for effective content presentation but whenever there is a need to add a table, most of the people in wordpress have to either use HTML or CSS to create a table, but if you don’t have knowledge of HTML or CSS then what. Here is the solution.