How to add tables in wordpress posts and pages without knowing any HTML or CSS

WordPress has an inbuilt wordpress editor for effective content presentation but whenever there is a need to add a table, most of the people in wordpress have to either use HTML or CSS to create a table, but if you don’t have knowledge of HTML or CSS then what. Here is the solution.

How to Resize Image

So many Times we come across this issue where we need to Resize Image that we have due some or the other reasons, either we need to resize the picture due to the reason that it is too large to share to somebody or we need to resize image in order for us to be able to place the image on our website so that our web page loads faster. Some times we as well need to crop and resize image at the same time as we require image of precise size or aspect ratio.resize image

how to create responsive wordpress slider

WordPress Slider is the most important thing on any wordpress website as it is the one that displays the featured products and services to the coming visitor, these days while creating wordpress slider we have also to take care of the different size of screens that a visitor uses to see a website. wordpress slider

How to reset wordpress password

The Easiest way to reset your wordpress password in case you have forgotten it is by using the forgot password link, but if you have forgotton the admin id as well as the email id then what will you doreset_wordpress_password

Lets first do the most easy way to reset your wordpress password, open the wordpress login screen,

How to Upload theme to wordpress

Install non repository theme into your wordpress website by uploading

Lot of times you have searched for a theme inside the wordpress theme search according to the features you are looking for.

But have to ultimately buy a theme from somewhere or download it from some other site and since it was unavailable in repository.

This is the way you will install that type of theme.Upload_theme_to_wordpress

Let start