How to Setup WordPress using zip file

When you will reach the end of this article your wordpress will be up and running. This article explains how to setup wordpres on Cpanel web hosting manualy by using the cpanel file managerhow to setup wordpress

How to setup WordPress using downloaded wordpress file

Ok lets start first we will start by downloading wordpress please go to and click on the blue button vertically in the middle of the page that says download wordpress x.x.x where each x represents a number that is part of the wordpress software release version

how_to_create _a_website_1

after you have clicked the link, a file will start downloading into your downloads folder depending upon the speed of your internet connection.

Login through Cpanel

Now the next step in how to setup wprdpress is open your Web Hosting Control panel. Open your cpanel account by opening or where is the domain name of the website that you want to make. And you will see the following screen


After you put in the username and password and login you will see the following screenhow_to_make_a_website_3

Operations to Carry out in File Manager in Cpanel

Next step is to click on the file manager icon and new browser window will open and you will see the file manager screen as follows now click on the public_html folder on the left side as marked in the below imagecreate_wordpress_website

Now you will see the contents of the your public_html folder on the right hand side of the above screen and the tree structure would remain as it is, and if you don’t have a website running then this would be similar to what you are able to see in the below screen. But sometimes the Web Hosts put some default parking page on so that when you open you see that your website shows their name and if that is the case, what you can do is look for the file that says index.html or index.htm or index.php right click on the file and rename it to index_old.html so that if you want to use this file in the future you can use it and it doesn’t obstruct in the installation of wordpress.

How to upload wordpress file in Cpanel File manager to install

create_wordpress_website_1On the Above screen click on upload option and new browser window will open that will show the following screencpanel_file_manager_upload_screenclick on the select file option and select the file that you have just downloaded and upload it and you will see the following screen that is showing the status of uploadcpanel_wordpress_uploading

soon it will be 100%. Once the upload is complete, open the file manager windows already open in the browser and click on the reload button as highlighted below.reload_file_manager_file_list


How to Extract Zip File in Cpanel File Manager

After you click the reload button you will see the following screen, which shows the uploaded file, click on the uploaded file and click on extract. This is the most important part in how to setup wordpress.extract_files_in_cpanelNow it will ask you pickup the location where you would like to extract the files, let the location be public_html as shown in the below picturecpanel_select_location_to_extract_files

Click on extract file and then you will show the following window which will show the summary of the extract of the zip now it has made a folder by the name of wordpress and extracted all the files into that folderwordpress_extracted_in_cpanel

After you click the close button on the Extraction results window, you will see a new wordpress folder inside public_html, if you don’t see it then use the reload button and you will see the wordpress folder. you will see the following page.cpanel_after_extract_wordpress_file_manager

How to move file in Cpanel File Manager

Now click on the wordpress folder on the left panel and once all the files inside the wordpress folder are visible click on the select all link over the file list and now every file will be selected like in the following screenselect_all_extracted_files

now click on the move icon over the file panel and there will be popup which will allow us to specify the location to move all the files, set the location as public_html, it works in following way

location: public_html/wordpress

website address:

location: public_html

website address:

Since we want the website to opne when somebody types in we will move all the files into public_html

how_to_move_files_in_cpanelAfter you click move files all the files from the current location will disappear and move to public_html, and now we will go to the public_html folder by clicking on the public_html folder on the left pane and then we will delete the extra files and folders, now press the ctrl button and select the wordpress and file and when they are highlighted like below click on the delete button over the paneldelete_files_from_cpanelafter clicking the delete button it throws a confirm box click on delete also select the option that says skip the trash folder like the following screendelete_files_from_cpanel_confirmclick confirm to delete the file.

How to Manually create Database for wordpress in cpanel

Now go back to the cpanel browser tab and scroll down to databases panel and click on the mysql databasescpanel_create_mysql_databasesNow you will see the following screenmysql_databases_fill_boxes

Now in this screen, we need to do the following things

  1. create a database for wordpress
  2. create a user for database
  3. Add user to database with full privelleges

Now put in wp next to yourusername_ so it will look like yourusername_wp and click on create database it will show database creation success and then click on go back to come back to this screen and now scroll down to Mysql Users and here as well you can put in the wp next to username_wp and click the password generator button to generate a password, copy the random password into notedpad and then check the option that says i have copied the password and then click on create user. It will give the user created successfully message and then you need to click in the go back option.

How to Give Permission to User for a Database in Cpanel

Now we will add the user to database, scroll down to the following screen


Now click on add and you will see the following screen and here you need to click on all privileges which will select all the options below automatically and then click on make changes and you will get the success screen from which you need to click go backAdd_user_to_db_priveleges

and now copy and paste the user name and database name into a notepad window and your notepad windows will look like thissetupinfo_wordpress

Start WordPress installation through Web browser Install directory

Now open another Browser tab, and in the address bar type and you will see the following screen

wordpress_setup_1let the language be English or pick up language of your choice but since i know english i can guide you in english only click on continue now you will see the following screen

wordpress_setup_2click on lets go and you will see the following screen here you need to input the database name, database username, database password, let the database host be localhost and let the table prefix be as it is wp_


then click on submit if you submitted the right data then you will see the following screenwordpress_setup_4click on run the install and you will see the following screensetup_wordpress_5

On this screen, put in a site title, type in a username that you want and change the password to your choice, input an operational email id so that if you ever loose your password you can do a forgot password and then click install wordpress and this will lead to the following screensetup_wordpress_6This screen means that your wordpress setup is complete, now you can type in another browser tab and you will see the following screen and also means that your tutorial on how to setup wordpress was a success.setup_wordpress_finalIn coming Posts i’ll use this install to create a polished website with responsive slideshow, image galry, multiple pages and contact form.

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