Protect Your Displayed Email id from getting Spammed

For Easy Communication we Display our email id on Our Websites so that people can just click on them and then their email software opens and they are able to send email, this approach works because most of the people are now days using Mobiles where mostly the email is configured on their email software. But displaying the email on your website make it vulnerable to be collected by bots(automated programs that scan websites for emails). The emails collected this way are then used by the spammers to send spam to your email id. And legitimate email becomes a needle that you need to look in the hay of spam. So what can you do.

One Solution is to create a form, so that people can just fill in the form and you can receive the information in email and since No email ID is visible on the web page. So there is no possibility of the bot picking up the email id from your website. One more thing you have to do to protect your form from getting spam data emailed is to protect your form with captcha protection. Its always better to mention both email and create a contact form. In this Post i am going to tell you about a plugin that will encrypt the code representing the email inside your posts and pages. So when somebody will view the page inside the browser it will show the emal id and when somebody will view the code it will be in encrypted form .Or we can better say it as HTML notation for each character. The Plugin Name is Email Address Encoder .encode-email-addressAfter you install the plugin . You just need to add the email id inside any post or Page and then after you have published the post you will see the email id as you typed in inside the post here is a screen shot. hide-email-address

but if you right click on it and view the source code you will see the following code representing the above email id. hide-email-address-on-website

Now this code cannot be read or captured by bots that easily.

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