how to install a plugin on wordpress

In this article we will show you how to install a plugin on wordpress, we will discuss the process in which you can install plugins through the internal wordpress dashboardhow to install a plugin on wordpress

How to install a plugin on wordpress

After login into the wordpress dashboard click on the plugins link on the left vertical menu and you will see the following screenhow_to_install_a_plugin_on_wordpress_1click on the option Add New on the top of the page and you will see the following screen how_to_install_a_plugin_on_wordpress_2

Structure of the WordPress Plugin Search Display

As you can see in the above screen shows the featured plugins each plugin display is divided into Its icon, Title of the plugin, Description of the plugin, Shows the last updated date, Compatibility with our version of wordpress, it provides the button to install now, and it also provides the total number of installs that has been done for the particular plugin and the ratings that users have given this plugin. Now if we re looking for some plugin we can search through the search box present on the top, like for example if we are looking for a form Builder plugin as the wordpress system doesn’t provide form creation functionality by default, we will put in the keyword form and here is the result page below.how_to_install_a_plugin_on_wordpress_5

How to Select the Right Plugin from so many options Available in Search

As You can see it shows 189 results for the plugin with keyword form. Now which form plugin would be the best, to select the right plugin, we should look at the Following things, the most important aspect of how to install a plugin on wordpress.

  1. More the Number of installation, the better.
  2. More recent the update date of plugin, the better.
  3. Its better if it says that its compatible with our wordpress version.

Ofcourse we need to see that the features that we are looking for are present in the plugin that we like, for that we will click on the more details option for that plugin just below the install button and you will see the following popup description.how_to_install_a_plugin_on_wordpress_6You can see the complete description about the plugin in the popup window that has opened, you can scroll down and read the whole thing to see if it fits your requirement.

Following are more Details available About the Plugin

There are other tabs that are present in this window

  1. Installation: it tells about installing and configuring the plugin
  2. Screenshots: this shows important screenshots of the plugin
  3. Changelog: this option shows the version releases, dates and enchancements
  4. FAQ: this has almost all the FAQ covered about the plugin
  5. Other Notes: may tell us about other things that are not covered by any other heading
  6. Reviews: reviews given by other people that have used this plugin, People give a rating as well as write things about the plugin, the latest ones are more relevant.

Must Consider Details Before Installing A WordPress Plugin

Now please always consider the following details when going through how to install a plugin on wordpress. Plugin which has the most installation are better as more people have installed the software, also look for reviews and you will be able to select a good plugin to try, but to find exactly the function that you were looking for, you have to install the plugin, only then can you find out if the functionality of plugin fits your needs. Now lets click on the blue Install now button and you will see that the popup screen will disappear and you will be returned to the same screen where we clicked more details and a popup appeared, now you will see that on this screen the light grey button will change to dark blue and the text on the blue button will say activate and when you will click on activate to activate the plugin. You will be returned to the list of plugins as were present in the earlier screen.
how_to_install_a_plugin_on_wordpress_8Now the plugin is showing in the installed plugin list that means the plugin has been installed. And this finishes how to install plugn on  wordpress. Now according to the plugin features/functionality there would be additions to the vertical menu on the left hand side, so that you can use the plugin and this thing you have to explore yourself, by looking menu items on the left hand Vertical menu. Another way to look for using the plugin is the documentation of the plugin in case the plugin developer is providing one, If the plugin developer is providing documentation to use the plugin it would be present in the view details link after the description of that plugin, next to plugin name in the installed plugin list.

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