How to Force Users to click i agree to enter website

There are times when you want to place a popup on your wordpress websiet which will popup when users open your website and this popup will ensure that if the user clicks on I AGREE  then he enters the website otherwise the user will be diverted to another page, that you specify

So the name of the plugin is I Agree! Popups Here is the screenshot of the plugin screen 

After you install the plugin you will see the and menu item on the left hand side vertical men which would be I Agree Popups.

When you would hover your mouse pointer over the I Agree Popups option you will see two options 1) All Popups 2) Create Popup. Click on the create Popup option.

Now you will see a visual/text editor similar to Post/pages where you can give a title and then type in the content that you would like to appear in the popup.

Below the content, there would be option change the style in which the popup would appear here is the screenshot

on the right hand side you will see the option to specify, what text would appear in the i agree option clicking on which would let the visitor the webpage he is visiting and what text would appear on i disagree option which will lead the visitor to some other page that you can mention in the Disagree redirect option.

Do mention the complete url including http:// and below that you can mention the number of days the i agree and disagree choice will be kept into cookie so is the user visits again he doesn’t need to click on i agree or I Disagree for the number of days that you mention here.

After this option you can select if the popup would appear on the complete site or not here is the screenshot of the options.

After you have done the settings click on publish or update just above this configuration box.

Now incase you haven’t selected the side wide option to display the popup. You can add the popup to a particular page/post.

For that you will see an option on the right top on the edit screen of the post or page and here you just select the title of the popup that you would like to appear on that particular page/post. Here is the screenshot

Now once you have published/updated the post/page or made the popup appear sitewide. You will see the popup appear similar to this one. In my case i have also added an image to the popup.

Hope you liked my Post on creating i agree/disagree popup. Please do post your  comments/suggestions and Questions in the comment section below. Would love to hear from you

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