How to change the Number of Post per page wordpress

Number of posts that you display per page in wordpress can easily be changed by going to the Settings 

and then click on the reading option in the left vertical menu and you will see the following screenpost per page wordpressNow here you can see the setting field called  Blog Pages show at most the current value is 10 you can change that to any number you want.

I have also found that this settings is usually independent of the theme you are using. By this what i mean is this settings is mostly controlled through this page only.

As you can see you can also change the settings for the syndication field here in the field called Syndication field show the most recent. 

One more thing you need to consider while putting the number of posts that you want to display on the blog page, ie. if you put in a big number here it will take a lot of time for the page to load and if you put a smaller number the page will load faster.

So please keep a balance in page load speed and the number of posts you want displayed also keeping in mind that the page doesn’t become too lengthy. And then just save the settings and we are done.

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