10 Minute Guide to Create a Carousel Slider on WordPress

You have in mind the images that you want to create a jquery carousel slider from. Now you are looking for a plugin that can produce it fast and you want the capability to use this plugin to create multiple different sliders on multiple pages. You also want that this jquery carousel slider be responsive and adjust to the display screen size of the device the site visitor is using. jquery carousel slider

so to make a auto sliding jquery slider on your wordpress, obviously you need to use a carousel plugin that can get your work done. Here the carousel plugin that you need to install . Search inside wordpress plugin screen for Carousel Slider and install the following carousel plugin. carousel-slider-plugin

After You have installed the plugin you will see a new menu item appear on the vertical menu called carousels. Open carousel menu item and click on add new.carousel-plugin

And you will see the following screen. wordpress-carousel-pluginGive a name to your first carousel so that you can identify it. Now you can pick image size that you want to use.

You have the option of using seven size options, i am using thumbnail and the default here, you can change the size of the thumbnail generated from settings –> media.

now after that you can configure the carousel by mentioning in the number of thmbnails that you want to display in each type of device.

Whether it be a PC/tablet/smartphone according to their screen width.

Also remember to enable the Next Previous buttons, rest of the options you can experiment with.next-previous-buttons-carousel-slider

Do remember to set the speed of the slider using the following field it sets the seconds(in microseconds 1sec=1000microsec) after which the carousel will move automatically.timeout-settings-jquery-slider

Now the above slider will move after 1.5 Sec automatically

Now click on the button to create a gallery, Now you can upload images to create a gallery. I would recommend that you resize your images to a standard size like in aspect ratio of say yyy X yyy . So that not much server space is consumed on your server.

After you are done saving the gallery you will see the  similar following screen.settings-jquery-image-slider-plugin

After you are done with settings and uploading the images click on the publish blue button. After publishing the carousel you can copy the shortcode on the right top of the above screen and paste it in the page/post where you want to show the carousel, like in the following screen in text mode. short-code-carousel-plugin

After you have published the page in which you have posted the shortcode. You will see a working carousel like in the below in image. jquery-carousel-slider



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