How to add Jquery based Accordion slides to WordPress

You must have seen stacks of Animated slides, which open and close as you click on one edge of the slide or when you click on the title of the slide which of course is visible from one edge of the slide. These Set of slides are called as Accordion slides, name which has been given based upon the Accordion Musical instrument, which also opens and close and produces music. 

How to add a Good looking timeline page to wordpress

Sometimes You have wanted to display a series of events or story in form of a vertical display with dates mentioned in front of each event or story piece. This type of display is called as time line display to achieve this you would need to install the plugin called as

How to Force Users to click i agree to enter website

There are times when you want to place a popup on your wordpress websiet which will popup when users open your website and this popup will ensure that if the user clicks on I AGREE  then he enters the website otherwise the user will be diverted to another page, that you specify

How to add wordpress responsive menu in 10 minutes

Lot of times you didn’t liked the menu being provided by the theme that you have installed for your wordpress website. And Have struggled for a solution that you can use to create your own wordpress responsive menu which could replace the existing wordpress menu and a menu which is also compatible with the mobile phone and smartphones. 

Quick Way to Implement Better way of navigation for Reading Posts

When you are done reading through a post. To go to the next post you always have to go the posts listings and then you click on the topic of the next posts you want to read. So much work, how about some easier solution to go through the posts one by one. Like putting two floating Previous and Next arrows on left and right side of the screen. 

How to add Visual Text Editor as a Widget

You must have faced this issue lot of times when you want a complete Rich Text editor in a widget and you searched a lot, but was not able to find a complete working solution. This solution helps you to edit the Text Visually without any prerequisite on you to have knowledge of HTML/CSS. 

Super Charge Your Inbuilt WordPress Text Editor

Its Been so many times that you were working in your usual wordpress Visual Editor and you think that its been so many years and even now there is no option in wordpress editor to specify the font of the TEXT that i am typing increase the size of the font to certain size. I also don’t know why this is the case, but there is a solution to this issue, you must have guessed its a plugin 

Quick Way to Enable Subscribe to Comments in WordPress

You want that people should be effectively be able to use the commenting system on your blog post as a conversation tool. Which makes it very important that they get an email when their is some new comment posted on the comment system. There is a very basic plugin which just enabled this functionality by just installing and activating the subscribe to comment plugin. Good thing is it lets you subscribe to the comments posted even if you haven’t posted any comment.

10 Minute Guide to Create a Carousel Slider on WordPress

You have in mind the images that you want to create a jquery carousel slider from. Now you are looking for a plugin that can produce it fast and you want the capability to use this plugin to create multiple different sliders on multiple pages. You also want that this jquery carousel slider be responsive and adjust to the display screen size of the device the site visitor is using.